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If you need help with any problems with Laptop or Mac for example  

Crashes Windows, Data Recovery, Network Setup, Pc Repair, Home Visits Repair, wireless Setup, Computer Maintenance, Booting Up Problem, Internet Crashes, Windows Blue Screen, Pc cleaning, Software Errors, Recover Data Files, Repair Corrupt Software,

 please give us a call on the above number. Where we will discuss the problem with you first, and then offer you the most cost effective solution to suit your needs.

MacBook and iMac Repair
  • OSX update

  • Printer issues

  • File Permissions Issues

  • Mail setup and repair

  • OSX installation and setup

  • Time Machine setup and repair

  • iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box setup

  • Removing a Virus, Trojan or Malware

  • Removing annoying Error message

  • Recovering Files

  • OSX Installing

  • OLD MacBook software and Osx problem fix

Microsoft Windows Repair
  • Repair slow starts

  • Personalize desktop and icons

  • System backup and restore

  • Device and driver installation

  • Optimize Windows startup

  • Windows registry error fixing

  • User accounts setup and configure

  • Windows Temporary Files Cleanup

  • and plenty of other services as you need

Gaming Desktop and Laptop Repair Service

This service is considered a must for every PC Gamer. I will fully optimize your computer from Bios settings to Settings on your favourite games to achieve the maximum performance possible on your computer. Guaranteed results ( More FPS, lower input lag/latency)

  • Full PC Optimization

  • Full Optimizations on your favourite Games

  • Complete Windows Settings Configuration

  • Bios tuning

  • Network/Internet settings(Stabilize your ping)

  • Mouse optimizations

  • Benchmarking/Stability Tests

  • Fix any issues

  • Hardware suggestion / Configuration

  • Temperatures Check-up and Computer Fix

  • Drivers configuration and tweaking

  • Achieve the absolute lowest input lag and latency possible to give you a competitive advantage in games like Fortnite, Warzone, Valorant, PUBG, Halo Infinite, LoL, COD, Call of Duty, League of Legends, Dota 2, CS: GO, Apex Legends, FIFA 21, Rocket League, WoW, etc.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery and Corrupted files


Data Recover from any device - Laptop, Computer, Hard Disk- Memory Card- Flash Drive Or SD drive, Android, Windows OS, Mac OSX, Digital Camera & Memory Devices.

We Use Professional DATA RECOVERY Software,

Formatted, Deleted, Partition recovery when partition creased.


Pictures, Documents, PDF, Corrupt file, Raw Files , Video & Audio Files -MOV, MP4 , RAW, MKV, WAV, MP3, ETC....!

Pc & Laptop Checks
  • Software problems solving

  • Computers repair and ongoing maintenance

  • Email & Internet Set-up

  • Installation and maintaining Networks

  • Advice on hardware and software purchases

  • Integrating new computers with existing hardware

  • Selecting, and installing new software applications

  • Lost Data recovery

  • Digital Publishing on CD or Web 

  • Custom-built PCs and Servers

  • PC health-checks and virus checks

  • Applying Hotfixes and security patches  

  • Checking Disk space

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